Come walk through our estates…

Our own coconut estates in the ‘coconut triangle’ of Sri Lanka, shelter thousands of coconut trees! Fresh coconuts grown in these trees are used for our products.

Healthy & nutritious, because its cold pressed!

We take pride in our VCO plant because we manufacture the best coconut oil in the world there. Virgin! Incredibly famous for its natural nutrients and its delicate aroma & taste

We remove unhealthy fatty acids with zero chemicals…

At our state-of-the-art refinery, we remove high colour, moisture, aroma & unhealthy fatty acids from oil. Ours is the first continuous physical edible oil refinery in Sri Lanka. Also, it is the first to be organic certified!

Filled & packed so neatly!

The filling and packing of all our products are conducted in our packing plant by an experienced, highly skilled and efficient team. We do it so neatly, so that the jar you buy will look perfect inside and out!