Our Journey

Quentara (Pvt) Ltd., is the strategic business unit spearheading International Operations for Sena Mills Refineries Group (SMR Consolidated), one of the most reputed and trusted edible oil manufacturers in the country with an illustrious history spanning over half a century.

Established in mid-1960s, the slow and steady journey towards highest echelons of Quentara’s mother Company- Sena Mills commenced as a small-scale coconut oil mill. Over the following few decades the organization progressed to transform as one of the largest and fast growing coconut oil producers in Sri Lanka under the guidance of its founder-chairman Mr. Baduge Karunasena .

The company stepped into a new era of business under the leadership of the current executive director, incorporating Sena Mills Refineries (Pvt) Ltd in 1997, Targeting for innovation and improvements for future, SMR (Pvt) Ltd., became the first continuous edible oil refinery facility in Sri Lanka.

Thenceforth, the company expanded its scope from coconut oil milling to processes such as refining, fractionation and manufacturing of margarine for bakery/confectionary products and distributing them across Sri Lanka by its own retail chain.

Quentara, the dedicated international operations SBU of the group was established in 2014 with a specialised team to export edible oils, fats and related products by capturing new international export markets.

Premium quality of the products is the key focus of Quentara. All products under Quentara brand are manufactured from top quality coconuts naturally grown in Sri Lanka; a country considered to have the best of coconuts on earth.

Backed with many internationally recognised certifications for both its products and processes (FSSC, ISO, Organic USDA JAS EU, Kosher etc.), the company reached new heights in 2020 with exports reaching over 30 countries across 6 continents, a huge step to accomplish the company’s mission to provide healthy coconut related products to consumers all around the world.

Quentara ensures that its products are manufactured aligning with international social compliance practices, eco-friendly cultivation methods and environmentally friendly manufacturing.